Services & Pricing

Group Walk

£12.50 per 1 hour

£7.50 for a second pet from the same household

Have your dog join us on an adventure for an hour. Your dog will be taken to either a park, woods or heathland with no more than three other friends.

Your pet will receive treats to meet their dietary needs, and you will be updated with photo message during their time with us.

1-2-1 Walk

£18 per hour | £12 per half-hour

£12 | £8 for a second pet

A solo walk is ideal for a dog who is nervous and anxious or has any mobility issues, or just a pup that needs a little more attention on a 1-2-1 basis.

Your dog will be walked locally at a park, beach or heathland, receive treats to meet their diet, and the owner will receive a photo message of their dog’s adventure


Cat & Small Animal Drop In

£10 per visit

In addition to our dog walking services and drop-in options, we can provide in-home care for cats and other small animals. We are experienced working with Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, small Aviary birds and Chickens.

The pet carer will feed, clean and refill water bowls, ensure any toilet areas are hygenic and fresh for further use, and provide comfort and company to your beloved animals. Whilst our carers are visiting we can also place any lights on, water indoor plants and check on the property for your peace of mind.

Please note that all Drop-Ins on a Bank Holiday have an added surcharge of £5 per visit.

what they're saying

Catherine is the epitome of a dog lover. She genuinely understands every dog’s needs that she has ever looked after and goes above and beyond to maintain their health and well-being whilst in her care. Our dog is an ex-rescue and historically took a long time to trust people, but he bonded with Catherine from the first time he met her and that really means a lot. We trust Catherine implicitly with Ben and it’s a relief to know he’s in safe hands. Punctual, reliable and caring, we literally cannot recommend Catherine highly enough.

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